Starter Web Site Package

The goal of this package is to get you what you need to start what you need to start.  It will be enough to blog from, tell people your story, link to your social media and let people know about your great services or products.
The other thing this package will do is no limit you on future growth.  Everything we install and set up for you will be able to be built upon.
Here are some things your site could do in the future.

  • Sell physical or digital products
  • Build a mailing list
  • Start an online community
  • Have lists and listings
  • Do giveaways and contest
  • Promote events and sell tickets
  • … and pretty much anything you can think of.

There are some WordPress sites that will not let you grow.  So if growth is your goal, we will make sure to not limit what comes next.
Here is a list of what’s included.

  • Installation of WordPress on a desired hosting platform
  • Free (Premium) Theme from one of our subscribed theme sites
  • Installation & setup of the theme
  • Main menu set up
  • $300 of premium plugins
    • unused plugins will be deleted
  • Contact form and page set up
  • Logo set up
  • Homepage installation & set up
  • Adding a couple pages of content.
  • WordPress tutorial
  • Connect to social media

What’s not included;

  • Domain name
  • Web Hosting
  • Design work
  • Implementing content.
    • We will help with some of it, but will leave the majority of it for you to do.

If you want a theme that’s not listed in one our provided theme companies, we can help you find one that’s suitable for what you need that won’t limit you or give you troubles.