What is Red Mill Creative?

A lot of people ask where I came up with the name. The idea of a mill is something that fascinates me. Besides the fact I used to work at one, a mill is something that takes a rough, often unusable item, and turns it into something that refined, or usable.

I believe that what we do, though it looks pretty polished and complete, is only one of the components you need to run your business or make your idea happen smoothly. We help you create that ingredient for your secret sauce.

Much like lumber that comes from a sawmill, or flower that comes from a gristmill, what we do is provide you with components that fits into a bunch of other ingredients to form a whole picture of what you do.

What Red Mill is, is a set of tools, resources, products and services that help bring your idea, story, business, passion or cause to life.

Our passion is to see you success and to help serve you along the way. We believe that when you do what you love to do and can focus on that, you will change the world.